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2022 "WAL Spotlight" - Lecture 3 - The Role of Librarian in Knowledge & Innovation Education

CNKI hereby sincerely invite EISZ colleagues, EISZ member institutions to attend this “WAL Spotlight” program.

The program is combined by series of lectures, each of which will be held at the end of each month from April. The lectures will focus on the following topics: the challenges to the profession of librarians with the development of technologies, library resources construction, subject service, research support, reader information service, digital collections utilization, document cataloging and processing, space design, library consortium construction, new trends of library development, etc.

The initiative of this event is to invite Librarians with outstanding experience in knowledge services and experts in library research, big data research and other fields to give online lectures and share practical experience, case analysis and research results in their work. The program will play the role of "spotlight" and focus on the practical problems that the industry is most concerned about, helping librarians explore the scientific and efficient mode of knowledge innovation service with global and future-oriented vision and adapt to the new environment and new business with developing, open and innovative perspectives.

The details of the third lecture are as follows:

  • Time: 9am-10am, June 24, 2022 (Hungary Time)
  • Topic: The Role of Librarian in Knowledge&Innovation Education
  • Speaker: Mr. Foster Zhang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
  • Form: The lectures will be conducted on zoom, each lecture limited to 100 spaces.
  • Arrangement: Each speaker is assigned 45 minutes for the lecture and 15 minutes for the Q&A.
  • Language: English